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I write books and play music. Here is the latest thing on my blog:

Saturday Matinee: What is Cinema? Alfonso Cuarón and the Cinematic Precipice


Unconventional Website Advice

Unconventional Website Advice

Unconventional Website Advice is a short book of guidelines to building a small business on the web. The book aims to dispel the conventional wisdom that causes too many businesses to spend their website dollars in the wrong place.

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good.simple.open: the values that lead to better work

good.simple.open: the values that lead to better work

good.simple.open is a manifesto for those of us who’ve spent years compromising our values in the work we do. The book is full of short essays on doing good work, doing it simply, and doing it openly.

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Barry's Cherries: a novel

Barry's Cherries

My second novel is a comedy about Barry Cherry, a semi-washed-up former director of B-movies, who has to save his friend and starlet Roxy Ramone from the infamy of a sex tape.

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Bring Good: a novel

Being Good

My first novel is a comedy about Slav O Se--an unrepentant lothario and teacher at a girls' high school. In Being Good, an altercation at a strip club jeopardizes Slav's beloved job.

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My latest record is a collection of singles. It's a cross-section of my version of pop music--songs about the apocalypse, Batgirl, women's curling, and a cop with an axe.

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I Survived the Dogstorm


Long Form

I write articles and essays regularly. They're all in the archives here but they usually appear on Medium first. Follow me over there @heytodda.


The Todd & Taylor Show

My friend Taylor Trask and I record a regular podcast about geek culture, pop culture, movies, and writing.


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Hey! I'm Todd A.

I make intangible things like books, songs, websites, and pictures. I’ve been publishing on the web since about 1996 when I experimented with AOL Hometown to make a website evangelizing my three favorite bands at the time: Jonathan Fire*Eater, Palace, and Six Finger Satellite. I love the Ramones, Morrissey, Willie Nelson, Pixies, and the Sisters of Mercy. I read rock bios and books about religion, cults, and the occult. I love movies in the theater.