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24 May 2015

I’m all about simplicity. This past week, I simplified this site further–eliminating some navigation, changing the home page, and styling some elements differently. The point of this simplifying is to emphasize: I make stuff, every week. This site is meant to present that stuff clearly in a way with which you can interact and give you a couple of options to support me. Towards that end, I’m introducing my Patreon profile which will keep you abreast of the next big thing I’m making and allow you to donate a little something each month.

By and large, I don’t make any money off my art. I hustle business as a writer and all-around web guy and find time to make stuff when I can. But if everyone who follows me on Twitter and Facebook donated only $3 a month, I could get by on those donations. I have always hated when people compare a donation to the price of a cup of coffee but as a recent convert to coffee (at least the iced variety), I see how true that cliche is. Buy me a cup of coffee every month and help me create my life’s work. You can donate however much you like through Patreon. Even $1 a month supports me.

And hey, I totally understand that you might not want to donate every month. There are tons of people and projects I admire to which I haven’t donated. If you’d like to support me with a one time purchase, buy a book or some music. Or if that’s still too much of a commitment right now, subscribing to my weekly newsletter (with the simple form at the bottom of this page) helps me out. Even following me on social media and sharing my posts supports me.

If you made it this far, I thank you. Stick around the site for a while. There’s tons of cool stuff here. (For example, did you know you can click on the word “Tags” in the tags under this post and jump down the rabbit hole of topics I’ve been blogging about for 16 years?)

Todd A

Introducing: The Todd & Taylor Show (also accepting your best suggestions for a name)

19 May 2015

Last Sunday a few hours before the episode of Game of Thrones that would cause me to lose my shit, my friend Taylor and I recorded “Episode Zero”–a pilot episode–of a new podcast. We’re absolutely still overcoming the technical problems. (You’re going to hear some buzzes and pops.) We’re also wondering if there’s a better name for the show out there. So drop your suggestions and comments in the comments here.

In this episode, we discuss the Avengers, Batman v Superman, the Daredevil TV show, Game of Thrones, and a few other comic book-y topics. I hope you enjoy.