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Watching a bad system perpetuate itself

The following is inspired by annoyance, plain and simple. I’m watching a company I’ve worked with over the past 3 years do the same thing over and over. It’s tempting […]

Be ready for the next job even if you’re not looking right now.

January is a time when a lot of us start thinking about a new job. The rush of the holidays is over. Our current job probably stressed us out with […]


Here’s My Best of 2014 and what’s to come

So I wrote a lot of longer pieces in 2014 and less short pieces. As a result my blog didn’t always get updated regularly. But I’ve picked out a few […]

The end of the year means building the infrastructure for the next

Seems like every year, I have such great ideas for things to write about. The problem is that when I sit down in front of a computer, all I do […]