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Is Ant-Man the libertarian superhero I’ve been waiting for?

31 August 2015

Last year, in a long piece about Captain America: The Winter Soldier, I wished that:

Here’s hoping Captain America picks up his shield, puts down his gun, and becomes a conscientious objector. Superhero lore needs more independent thinkers, more skeptics, and more rebels. I’m just not counting on them from Marvel.

Who’d have thunk that Ant-Man would be the first Marvel movie where I’d see my wish fulfilled? Not me. I was skeptical of Ant-Man as a superhero movie from its announcement but ultimately, that skepticism worked for the movie. It gave the creators the freedom to play in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but not feel constrained by it.

Morro Rock

Photos from Morro Bay

28 August 2015

On our trip up the coast, we stayed in Morro Bay, famous for that big rock in the photo–Morro Rock. The pictures may be a bit boring. They still strike me from standing there next to it. The rock is one of the Nine Sisters–nine volcanic peaks and hills in San Luis Obispo county. It’s just a huge, unsightly bulge right there in the bay. Enjoy the pics.


Why politics doesn’t matter

24 August 2015

A Letter to Boomers

Yesterday, I followed a tweet from Medium to Jonathan Taplin’s article “Why Politics Matters.” It was subtitled “Letter to Millennials 4.” If you are a “Millennial” to whom people address open letters, I feel your pain. I was constantly talked down to as a member of the “slacker” generation: Generation X. In the 1990s, Boomers loved to speculate about these mysterious citizens 18–24 years old who had weird jobs they’d never heard of and who didn’t support their old ideas about politics.