“Oh Babs” – the music video

26 November 2012

Here’s a music video I put together for Oh Babs from the footage I shot at Comikaze.

Go download the song! And grab the whole record it’s on!

“Oh Babs” is about being the cop who dates Batgirl. He doesn’t know exactly what she’s doing at night, her dad is his boss (police commish Jim Gordon), she’s kinda critical of his weight, she thinks she’s as good as the Batman. There’s a lot of issues there.

Making the video: When I got home from Comikaze with a ton of footage on a RED EPIC, I knew I wanted to make a video with it. I was just shooting for stills but I love all the moments when people are getting into their pose or right when they break the pose. It’s also cool how cosplayers stay totally still while everyone around them is moving. So I tried to put together all those moments and not have a video of cosplayers in motion. You can see my stills from the expo here.

Shot at Comikaze Expo.


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