You Will Not Be Unfamiliar with the Back of My Hand

25 September 2009

In the early days of the Carter Administration, things usually worked like this: Ryan and I would bring in songs with the guitar and vocals handled and let the other guys come up with their own parts. Todd K would bring in a song and have all the parts written for us. This song was the first (possibly only?) where I brought in the riffs for a song and asked Ryan to write the words and sing. I had some words but they just never worked. I think when Ryan created the lyrics, we tightened up the arrangement for them. I don’t know… I just have a fondness for the song because of that. Like, we saved a stray.

Oh and the song title came from a friend of my brother. I think it was a joke that he wanted to title a song that. So we did.

From the Carter Administration’s debut EP in 1999, Fuck Off, I’m Listening to the Carter Administration


download You Will Not Be Unfamiliar with the Back of My Hand

From a house party at Andy W’s on 20 Dec 2008.

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