Bonnie “Prince” Billy, I See a Darkness

bonnieprincebilly-iseeadarknessBonnie ‘Prince’ Billy is Will Oldham’s latest nom de plume. As the title implies, the album is dark. It takes us back to some of his early Palace recordings on There Is No One What Will Take Care Of You and Days in the Wake. Sparse instrumentation accompanies Will’s distinctive, plaintive vocals.
The first track ‘A Minor Place’ is perhaps the most accomplished song on the album and serves as a herald of what is to follow: ‘Well, I’ve been to a minor place, and I can say I like its face…’ The last track ‘Raining In Darling’ is perhaps the least realised song, ending at 1 minute 47 seconds just after Will croons what we assume is a chorus. The abrupt ending of the song and album leave the listener in his minor place.

Throughout I See a Darkness, there is a warmth to the music. The darkness is very organic and human. And because of that, more frightening.