Go (dir. Doug Liman)

Well, I know i’m far behind the curve these days. But i get around to things eventually.

So I saw Go. Twice. That is I rented it and watched it twice in one weekend.

If you’re going to make a post-Pulp Fiction vignette-based movie, this is the way to do it.

I was struck during my first watching by the utter lack of morality in all the characters, but the film making was so exciting that I was still drawn in. What is it about movies like this that have absolutely no moral substance? I mean, sorry to sound like Bob Dole or something, but I think one of the reasons Pulp Fiction is so engaging is that the hitmen have these warped moral codes.

Go has nothing like that. it’s about a bunch of kids who set out on separate drug-fueled adventures one evening. Along the way, some of their paths intersect, but mostly they all just have really bad evenings. In addition, they’re all pretty damn shameless. But like I say the movie is exciting and the stories, devoid of all positive values as they may be, are really interesting. If for whatever reason, you haven’t seen this movie, I will pause before giving anything away.