Animals On Wheels, Nuvol I Cadira (ntone/ninja tune)

Animals_On_Wheels_-_Nuvol_i_CadiraElectronic music is a curious thing. With the large amount of it amassed in my record collection, one would think I would have figured out how to analyse the stuff by now. Animals On Wheels mine similar territory to Boards of Canada and to some extent, DJ Shadow. Somebody somewhere wants to label it and I would suggest ‘post-trip-hop.’ The beats come and go and are occasionally completely useless but usually serve their purpose and help move the music along in an interesting way. To be honest side 3 and 4 I particularly like. The textures are more fully realised, a comfortable mood is set. It’s as if by the 3rd side, AOW finally achieves the tone of voice it was looking for. The music isn’t dazed but it sets a comfortable backdrop for that sort of feeling. The bass sounds and keyboard sounds and other blips and whirrs effortlessly duck in and out of the drum beats. I was told that this was ‘winter music’ but I would suggest the spaced out beats and borderline-lush keyboard sounds for those ludicrously humid summer nights we have.