The Muffs, Alert Today Alive Tomorrow (Honest Don’s)

muffs-alertThe Muffs put such similar songs on every record and blow through them with such nonchalance you start to think that maybe they invented the clichés. And maybe, just maybe, they did.

At any rate, they’ve got their own clichés, a pop-punk-rock-and-roll manual written by Kim Shattuck’s ragged, overdriven guitar and growling, throaty voice. Simple guitar riffs and chords punctuate every song. And Kim’s voice… ahh .. what a voice. Full of phlegm and bored bile.

She sings of “bastards” and “jerks” on every album and sounds authentic enough to be as jaded as she claims. Alert Today Alive Tomorrow is packed with the same 2 minute rock ditties that every prior Muffs record has been. But songs like “Blow Your Mind” have such great hooks that even if you’ve heard it before from the same band, you won’t mind hearing it again.

Kim manages a couple of great singles on every album and even now just 4 albums in, the Muffs would have a great “Best of” album. Increasingly, I am beginning to think this is not such a bad thing. Each Muffs album is consistent and they’re certain to leave behind a great-looking, if bitchy corpse. That’s rock and roll.