Stephen Malkmus, “Discretion Grove”

Malkmus’s first single from his upcoming solo record is a touch benign. It leaves me with little opinion on the song whatsoever. “Discretion Grove” begins with chugging guitar and easy pace and immediately reminds listeners why Weezer was compared to Pavement early on. Unfortunately, the song neither develops a hook nor deconstructs itself. It just chugs to the end. Malkmus’s associative lyrics are omnipresent but Pavement’s more interesting instrumentation is gone.

The first B-side, “Sin Taxi,” is something of a classic rock fantasia. It opens with an organ solo, sounds like a slow Pavement song in the middle, and then ends in an odd acoustic guitar led coda.

The second B-side, “Leisurely Poison,” is the best thing here. Malkmus free-associates over a jerky rhythm, acoustic guitar and some strange percussive sound effects. Unfortunately the song just fades out. Fair enough, since there wasn’t much of a song to begin with, but for those holding their breath for any Pavement-like sound, it’s not the suscitation we needed.