MU330 – Ultra Panic (Asian Man Records)

So, out of the batch of Asian Man Records we got, I like this one the best. I was unfamiliar with MU330 prior to this. They play a pretty noisy ska. Noisy but thick and good. The instruments stick together like a good stew. The guitars go into overdrive quite a bit but it never turns into that heavy metal dung that too many “ska” groups do. The best asset these guys have is their voices. It’s great to hear a band of any genre with a really strong singer. MU330’s singer makes their energetic, catchy tunes all the better. Check out “KKK Hiway” for a perfect example of a pithy popsong put to a ska beat. “Oh My God” trades wiry guitar riffs with great horns and, naturally, a fervent vocal. “Hey Now” does the same and is perhaps the catchiest track. This is a record that should find its place among the most rotated ska in my collection. Good stuff.