Comet Gain – Realistes! (Kill Rock Stars)

If I had to pick a favorite label, it might very well be Kill Rock Stars and Comet Gain demonstrates exactly why. Here’s an English garage pop band – sounding very American – who smothers everything in jangle and reverb while catchy lyrics and vocal melodies cut through the tide of sound. They’re not punk at all. But they’re just the sort of unique quality rock ‘n’ roll that KRS puts out. Comet Gain often fool you into thinking that they’re amateurs accidently making rock songs. But a careful listen to a song like “Why I Try to Look so Bad” which whips into a guitar and keyboard-driven groove right from start shows you just how wrong you are. The production is noisy, with loads of treble, but it just ensures that you won’t hear it on the radio and can keep Realistes! all to yourself in your bedroom