The John Stamos Project – Take Your Best Shot (Reinforcement Records)

I remember someone once making a joke about how many distortion pedals Karl Hendrix must have. My guess is The John Stamos Project is racing to claim that distinction for themselves. Damn is this guitar overblown. Mostly, this is puerile pop-punk that is saved from obscurity by the bands’ gigantic balls. For starters, everything is loud. Damn loud. The voice often reminds one of the Dead Milkmen, especially on “Date from Hell,” but maybe that’s the theme of the song that sounds reminiscent. When they want, they harmonize, but somehow avoid the cheesy Blink-182 manner of harmony — maybe it’s the phrases they choose to sing together: shunning the chorus and instead singing “Shut Up!” in harmony. Songs fly by in a blur. Excitable pop-punk for people from drearier climates than California.