Various Artists – Rock Music: a Tribute to Weezer (Deaddroid Records)

The easiest and truest criticism of this record is why did it get made? Who wants to hear some nincompoop emo bands covering Weezer? The (harsh) reality is that Rock Music is not a bad compilation. Most of the bands do a great job covering or interpreting one of their favorite bands. The sad fact, though, is that while most of the bands all do a great job, they do so because it’s the best material they’ve ever worked with.

Anyone who’s heard Dashboard Confessional’s nauseating single “Screaming Infidelities” might be surprised that their cover of “Jaime” is not that bad. Likewise, Midtown, whose album sampler lasted about 5 seconds in my CD player, do a pretty rocking version of “Suzanne.” Heck I even like Christopher John (Elliott)’s ultra slow “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here.”

There are some stinkers, of course. Mycomplex’s completely senseless “Tired of Sex” with its old-school-emo abrupt rhythm changes is like carsickness in stereo. Grade’s “Surf Wax America” is really annoying with its shouted vocals. Affinity’s take on “My Name Is Jonas” with hardcore screams introducing the verses is a balance right in between the good and bad.

At least, for once in a compilation, you can’t fault the material since every Weezer song chosen is perfect on its own. It’s really a shame then that Weezer inspired all these emo bands to make their own music rather than just spawning dozens of Weezer cover bands.