The Toasters – Enemy of the System (Asian Man Records)

toasters-Enemy-Of-The-System-coverThe Toasters have been playing ska music for a long damn time. Twenty years. And they’ve never tried that Mighty Mighty Bosstones shit. Thank God. In that time, The Toasters have crafted their own sound on record — a very bright sound. Cymbals and horns cut through everything. It’s a bit disconcerting on first listen, but it’s clearly the band’s own sound. Enemy of the System is another solid record from this beyond solid band who plays just about any kind of rock steady or ska with their own personality. The Toasters nod to root ska with a couple of “Jamaican” reggae tunes. But what the Toasters do best is their own sort of pop tune — catchy, upbeat songs with bright horn melodies. “Have Another One” and “Modern World America” exemplify this best.