Here Kitty Kitty – Daddy’s Girl (Lorelei Records)

here-kitty-kitty-daddys-girlCompetent pop-punk that’s just out for some fun. The girls’ voices are similar to a lot of West Coast riot grrrls’ monotone delivery, but the songs are lighter and more poppy. The guitar is chord-heavy and generally overdriven though there’s not a lot of chugga-chugga amped-up punk. “Six Tickets” reminds me of Crop Circle Hoax who reminded me of Pavement, but that isn’t to say that Here Kitty Kitty sound like Pavement. Some of the slightly sloppy harmonies sound like that dog’s first album and that’s definitely a good thing. “WPV” nails that sloppy yet catchy-ness. The title track “Daddy’s Girl” is probably the best here — its sweet harmonies, relentless beat and sad but simple and direct lyrics all combine to show Here Kitty Kitty has more than just songs about bowling and one-night stands in them.

The world has been waiting for a decent pop-punk cover of Lita Ford’s “Kiss Me Deadly” and I think we’ve found it. I find the song about Buffy the Vampire to be a bit superfluous, but that could be because it follows the perfect cheese of “Kiss Me Deadly.” It ain’t no big thing. I know what I like. And I’ve listened to this record quite a few times.