The Distillers – Sing Sing Death House (Hellcat)

distillers-sing-singPunk rock doesn’t get grittier or more intense than the Distillers. Brody Armstrong’s voice is as bilious as ever. Likewise, her guitar. Some lineup changes have occurred since The Distillers’ debut record, but they don’t seem to have affected the band’s sound: a wretched, depraved, addled mix of anger, frustration and freedom.

The worst you can say about this record is that perhaps it doesn’t match the intensity of The Distillers’ debut but it still outscorches all its contemporaries. And songs like “The Young Crazed Peeling” burn with hooks and guts that show Armstrong has improved her songcraft without sacrificing its grit.

If I had to point to a band which I felt best embodied punk and all its confusion, emotion, and liberation, I wouldn’t hesitate to say The Distillers. Sing Sing Death House is second only to The Distillers first record on a simple primer of 21st Century punk.