The Sights – Got What We Want (Fall of Rome)

The_Sights_-_Got_What_We_WantIt’s tempting to dismiss this trio as a retro act undeserving of your time. Ignoring the trend of garage rock that seized American indie imagination this year, The Sights aim at a later anachronism: 70’s grit rock. The Guess Who, America, and I want to say Humble Pie all come to mind as having been absorbed by The Sights and looked to as paragons of rock ‘n’ roll. Hell, even Golden Earring is invoked in “Got What I Want.” And shit, they segue into Zeppelin’s “How Many More Times” riff to close out the record. This is not a band feigning ignorance of their musical heritage. They embrace it in all its long-mutton-chopped-sideburns glory. The thing is there are way too many sweet spots to dismiss this record as a mere regurgitation of big 70s rock.

The refrain of “Don’t Want You Back” is so easy and tuneful that once you’ve heard the song, you’ll be jonesing to hear it again. “Be Like Normal” is just as likable. “Everyone’s a Poet” is a bouncy piano-led pop song that charms immediately. “Last Chance” just rocks in that fuzzy, heady way that I’ve always wanted to hear in actual bands from the 70s. And the fantastic sound of the record brings out the best of the fuzzed guitar, moaning bass and big drums.

Unlike other bands obsessed with a long ago decade so much that they have no personality of their own, The Sights are brimming with personality and simply have a healthy love and respect for a sound and style of music. Many moments will actually remind you of Supergrass (especially “One and Only”), albeit one with a regional claim to their style of music. If, like me, you find yourself bringing Led Zeppelin’s later records with you on long car journeys, The Sights will be very welcome.