Glossary – Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts (Champ)

Glossary are good people. The Murfreesboro band has been around for almost 6 years and turned over a few members but never lost their heart. Now a 6-piece and performing only Joey Kneiser’s songs, Glossary are hitting a comfortable stride. Their new self-released EP, Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts, is a well-documented 5 song introduction to the band. “When Easy Street Gets Hard to Find” is a rocker with Stones-y guitar interplay and Wilco (circa Being There) tunefulness. It captures the American spirit and independent direction the band has aimed at for years. Kneiser has found his strengths as a singer and plays to them. The band’s musical versatility allows them to frame his voice in different contexts. “Hold Me Down” features pedal steel accompaniment by Paul Niehaus in an easy-going song. “We Keep Changing” strikes a chord right in between their country and indie rock sensibilities — like Dylan slumming it with Malkmus. “West Liberty” (from their 2000 record This is All We’ve Learned about Living) is re-interpreted as a back-porch southern anthem complete with hoe-down. Glossary are more than a band; they’re a family and spending time with this EP is like drinking with an old friend.