My dominance at ping-pong continued last night with an evening match against Todd K. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’m winning on superior skill. It’s a ratio of mistakes. We’ve discussed adopting a “house rules” version whereby one may add points only by winning a point, not by the other person losing it. We tend to have streak where one player will give up 5 points in a row with stupid mistakes not by any superior playing on the part of the other player.

There are two suggestions that I think we should seriously entertain.
1) Todd K’s idea that decisively winning a point (a slam, any other nice shot) gives a positive point to your score while losing it stupidly (hitting it into the net, way off the table, etc) takes a point away. Therefore, your score could go into negative numbers. We’d still rotate serves every 5 points.
2) Play like raquetball or volleyball where you may only score points on your serve. When the point is lost, you rotate servers.

As you can see, we spend a lot of time thinking about this.

I remain gutted that I lost to Todd’s sister Erin 2-1 the other night. I shall have my revenge.