As the image above should indicate, the cover art for the Crazy From the Heat EP was completed this weekend. Among the casualties was my shoulder which I seem to have re-aggravated by the hours of sitting in a bathtub and then in front of a computer. Hey what’s rock ‘n’ roll without Ultracet to numb the effects of a wrenched shoulder?

I went out to see my old band the Carters at the Boardroom on Sunday. There, Dean told me that our pal Sam has been invited (hired?) by Guided by Voices to play bass on their European tour. GBV had sent Sam a list of 45 songs to learn this week. Holy crap. So Sam wasn’t coming down to the show, wasn’t listening to any other music besides those 45 songs. No doubt.

In other news:
Dean and Doug and Todd and I plan to mix the Clutters record this week.

The Kirsten Dunst song – which, evidently, three people eagerly await – should be uploaded soon.