Losing Record

I guess I owe it to Todd K to declare my great loss at ping-pong last night. 4-2, him. The really annoying thing is I won the first two games. Then lost 4 in a row.

Roseanne is still on constantly on Nick @ Night. What the hell can I watch after 12.30am?

I saw a few minutes of the NBC show Coupling last night. I’ll watch the rest later (taped it) but I’m going to go ahead and call its early cancellation. It paled (within minutes) of the British version of the show (of which I’ve seen several episodes). It’s not that the show has some British humor that we don’t get here… it does have a very theatrical feel to it and I don’t think that’s going to translate as well. But mostly, the actors are just personality-challenged. There’s nobody on the American show about whom we will give a damn. It’s like six actors from Max Factor commercials just showed up to read lines. None has the dorkiness that made the British series great. I realize the ratio of dorks in England to dorks in Hollywood is astronomically unbalanced in favor of the Brits, but still… it’s no Friends; it’s no Frasier; it’s no Seinfeld.