I will probably be threatened if I don’t soon note Todd K’s win last weekend. While he was preparing for a surprise party for his wife, we took a break for a game of pong. I didn’t have much time either so I declared it “one game, winner take all.” Todd won. Then later reminded me a couple of times that since I’d said it was winner take all, it counted as an entire match. So the competition for Mr October is close at 4-3, my advantage.

That evening TK pulled off the most amazing surprise party, I’d ever seen or heard about. The payoff was due to his wife’s lack of punctuality or schedule. It was a challenge to get her there, but that made the surprise much better. On top of that, the spread of food and booze was unreal.

At the party, Erin challenged me to a little pong. I won the first game. She won the second. So I started serving the third. I won the first six points and declared it a “skunk” according to her father’s house rules. She totally freaked out. I guess the five aces I’d served up on her had frustrated her a little. So she started claiming that I’d cheated because my first serve was a let and I didn’t allow enough time between calling “let” and serving the next ball.


Erin got a ruling from Todd (who was probably a little toasty at that point) who said we must start the game completely over. Erin probably said something like “Ha!”

So I went and served four more aces on her ass. That really annoyed her so she announced I was a cheater and that she was never playing ping-pong with me again. She threw her paddle down and went downstairs.

I think she was legitimately pretty angry. She was telling other party-goers how her dad sold her out to me the other day. So I suggested she call him and “eat his ass out.” That softened her up. Perhaps we’ll pong again soon…