I played Todd K yesterday and won 3-1 making the series 3-2 in my favor.

Tonight I beat Todd K 3-1, increasing my lead to 4-2. I also matched up against Todd’s sister Erin and easily defeated her in the only game we played. She claimed she had to leave.

Hilariously, Erin called her father in Pennsylvania to get his ruling on a shot. She plays particularly hard and fast but she’s a bit skittish if you zing ’em right back at her. So one of my favorite things to do is volley-slam her serve right back at her. She always claims that a player must let the serve bounce before returning it. This is bullshit, I say. Her father says that slamming a serve back is “unorthodox.”

Then Erin put me on the phone with her dad. Her dad told me that slamming a serve was not illegal but not recommended since, if you were playing a master player, he’d “eat your breakfast” for doing that. He also tipped me to all sorts of tricks to beat Erin (none of which I needed, but I always appreciate). He told me that I was to make like he was chewing my ass out so Erin wouldn’t get wise to the conversation. (Actually I think he said “eating my ass out” but I’d prefer not to think of the connotations of that phrase. Mr K has a funny way of accidentally saying really uncouth things. Erin and Todd have many stories of his mangled slang, the only one I can remember is that he used to tell his choir to “stop jacking around” and this sent them into hysterics.)

Anyway, Erin knew from my constant laughter that her dad wasn’t chewing me out. However, all of his tips on beating her rely on certain amusing personal characteristics that I don’t have and none worked as well for me as simply playing to her backhand.

Nonetheless, Erin left after only one game against me and I will lord that victory over her til the next time we play. She claimed that she’d won like 7 games against me last time we played and when I said, “that’s not true; I made a note of it; you won 2-1,” she didn’t believe that. So, Erin, here it is. That was back on 8 August.