The Post, Hasten The Homecoming

The Post have a way with the space of their music which has been sorely lacking since the new wave days of the early 1980s. Maybe it’s the Bauhaus cum Joy Division moans coming from singer, Oliver Boch that bring the 80s to mind, but The Post offer a roomy recording that is most un-contemporary. The bass, drums and guitar find separate frequencies to inhabit and allow the keyboards and extra percussion to settle in different places. Bass lines will take off from drum beats and vice versa. You’ll be following one and find yourself hypnotized by the other.

Likewise the guitars, keys, voice and percussion will zig and zag through the upper registers giving the music a really three-dimensional feel. Both “I Won” and “Drift” benefit from loping rhythms created by the instruments filling the spaces left by the others.

Surely Boch is saying something, but his wavering voice draws more attention than his words. At first, the voice is unsettling and distracting because of its prominence and lack of recognizable elements. But the it is just another texture that The Post play with and after adjusting to the wails and moans, it will function just like the guitar and percussion, weaving in and out of the space of the tunes.

Without pop melodies, The Post must possess a certainty in their measured, texturized songs. This is night-time music, best for hazy atmospheres. It is entrancing and discomforting and occasionally (though not always) completely satisfying. It is haunting music that does away with elements of fantasy and focuses on the mood.