All Talk, No Pong

I played some ping-pong last night. First against Erin who was unafraid despite the skunking she received at our last game. I quickly beat her. And then she “had to go.” Uh huh.

Erin, if you can’t take the heat, that’s cool — just say so. I could have played left-handed. I then beat Todd K 4 or 5 times. We had already agreed that the games would be off the record for the Mr. January title since Todd had 2 hours of sleep and about 14 beers over the previous 24 hours.

I came home and spent about two hours creating an Audio CD on Cafepress. It was a pain in the ass, but it seems to have worked. You can now purchase the Hit On List’s “Crazy From the Heat” at my Cafepress store. To make it super-cheap, I didn’t use a jewel-case ($4 extra through Cafepress). I’ll upload all the artwork to this website so that interested parties can create their own jewel case insert. Woo hoo…

I just finished writing on MTX’s new record for the Rage. It’s a doozy. The more I listened to it, the more impressed I became. That Dr Frank is a tremendous songwriter. It’s weird because the press kit included detailed explanations of the songs from Dr F with the lyrics. So many of the songs had concepts from which he started writing. I never do that. Unless you count “write a song about a fat girl” a concept. And I don’t.