Friday Mix

I grabbed a random disc of mp3s this morning before leaving for work (I’m in a temp office job). I’ve got the disc playing randomly and it’s kicking some serious ass — Cranes, Testament, Six Finger Satellite, Destiny’s Child. It’s so cool to hear DC’s “I’m Doing So Good” right after Testament’s “Blessed in Contempt” (from their masterpiece Practice What You Preach). What’s next? Oh, man, it’s one of the tracks from “Les Mouches” by the Cranes. Awesome.

I’m doing some badass SQL coding at this temp job. It’s kind of fun to learn it all but the cubicle environment still blows some serious weiner. Mostly it’s the dressing up and parking in a parking garage that doesn’t sit well with me.

I went over to the K’s last night and played Erin and Todd in the ping pong. I beat Erin in the first game and then had to struggle in the Championship match to catch up. I prevailed and won in a tense 24-22 victory. Todd beat me two out of three games. He’s going to try to deny me another match so that he can end up Mr January.

Yesterday, it occurred to me that I should have documented that the last time I played pong with the K’s, Erin’s roommate was over. During a game in which Todd was beating Erin, I told Erin that she should “eat his ass out.” Her roommate was horrified and rightly so. She hadn’t heard the story of Mr K’s advice to me.

Now it’s back to Testament. I forget the title of the song but it’s the one about how the environment is being destroyed. I actually think it’s called “Greenhouse Effect.” Ever hear something so funny it’s impossible to laugh at? Such is Testament’s sincerity.

[Man, just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, Kool and the Gang’s “Cherish” came on…]