Musical Indulgence

WARNING: Sentimental Flatulence ahead.

All right, so maybe most people don’t get sentimental about Testament, but listening to this record as it’s randomly inserted between other songs has me waxing nostalgic. When a Cranes song comes on, I feel a wave of emotion — something like bliss, I suppose. The Cranes (and a load of other gothy bullshit) kept me company through some lonely college years, and hearing them makes me feel sad but in a very happy way.

Testament is another matter. They’re tied to two important periods in my life. I had a crappy tape copy of Practice What You Preach when I was into metal at 16. I probably wore the tape out listening to these super-compressed guitars and bizarrely eq-ed bass. I think the singer’s name was Chuck Billy which always amused me too.

I got sentimental for those days after graduating college so I went out and bought the Testament CD. Thing is, I was living in London at the time. So now the CD is tied to my recollection of that time as well. I bought it on Ilene’s birthday (she was one of my many flatmates). I think I bought it at the Virgin Megastore before I met her and some others for drinks.

So now, I’m remembering that day as well as the sound of the tape playing through the boom box I used as a stereo when I was 16. And the song “Practice What You Preach” comes on and I hear the solo and it occurs to me that I knocked off the whammy bar ending as the ending to the lead in “Complain and Complain and Complain” when I was in The Carter Administration. Funny how that happens. I’m sure I’ve heard tons of guitar players do that move – where you ride the whammy bar to sustain a note until it becomes feedback – but I can’t think of another example. So now those two songs will be tied together for me. And finally I discover the connection between me and Alex Skolnick.