President’s Day

So I’m sitting in my temp cube and there’s a guy behind me who walks over to another person’s cube and asks her if we have Monday off for President’s Day. She explains that no, we don’t. Her kids have the day off so she’s taking a personal day. He says, “That’s crazy, we have Martin Luther King day off but not President’s Day! I think George Washington is more important than Martin Luther King!”

Another guy overhears the conversation and says in a friendly way, “Hey, you’re not being politically correct there…”

So the first guy goes “I am Asian. I have no bias in this. I’m between black and white!”

They’re all sort of mumbling to get off the subject because the dude is talking way too loud. The second guy tries to explain it in terms of days off work — we’re not going to take another day off work a month after MLK day.

So then, just as the little gathering is disbursing and the point has seemingly been made, the Asian dude says, again way too loudly:

“Jesus Christ was not our President!”