I’ve realized that Todd K has developed a new strategy: he cleverly decides when we can pong so that once he has more wins, he can avoid losing to me. Todd K is Mr January, but no less than three times did he invite me over to play and then reneg on the invite. Each time “something came up” (yes, like Erin and her “I have to go” routine, it runs in the family), but the cummulative effect was that between his “I’m so drunk these matches don’t count” and his blue-balling invites, he ended up with the most wins.

Fair is fair, Todd wins. He’s Mr January. But now the gloves are off. Since I know there’s a possibility that he won’t give me another match, I’m going to have to beat him mercilessly every time we get to play. Will this mean that Todd won’t be so willing to play me? Probably. But until the Ks get their grrr up, I’m just going to have to institute martial law on the table.

I sincerely wish that I weren’t sitting in a cubicle in a nicely-ironed shirt and slacks doing NOTHING!!