March to Victory

The K and I met twice last week in intense pong matches. The first day, I won the match making the competition for March 1-0 in my favor. Saturday we met again and I won two matches. Series total: 3-0. All the matches were pretty tough. I didn’t feel good about Saturday’s. Todd’s got this one paddle that is so vastly superior to the others in his house that we decided to switch up — two games with the paddle and then trade. The results weren’t really conclusive in the first match — we each won a game and lost a game with the good paddle. But then Todd decided to be a hero and let me keep playing with the good paddle. He went down in flames.

Though he didn’t make any paddle-related excuses, I did. When I had to use the “other” paddle, I griped like a bitch.

I think we have no choice but to level the playing field. We’ve got to destroy the good paddle.

…or find another one.