I had this idea all day that I’d write up a nice obit for Johnny Ramone. I do cite his band as one (if not, the one) top influence for me musically. I took a stab at it and I may finish it up sometime, but my heart’s just not in it right now. Just last night I was talking about how Johnny was one of the few rock dudes that I’d like to meet and talk with. I don’t experience that nutty fan idea that I want to meet all these famous people. I don’t really idolize musicians like that, I guess. But Johnny’s an exception. And probably more because of his politics and his straight-forward nature. Most people in rock bands are pretty ideologically similar and if you engaged them in any meaningful conversation, you’re going to get the same crap you can hear from a less successful musician in your hometown. But Johnny had his own thing and it made him special.