Monday Night Viewing

Our electricity went off right at 8pm last night. I’d probably have been grumpy to miss the prime time shows, but luckily, I’d eaten already and was, in fact, on the way out the door to play some ping-pong. After some intense ponging which ended in a tie, Todd K and I sat down to watch the last half of Monday Night Football. We were both rooting for the Redskins to pull off a tie at least, but alas, it wasn’t to be.

Before I left the house I caught Still Standing and Listen Up. The former I chuckled at quite a bit if for nothing else than the perfect attitudes the actors pull off. The latter is growing on me. It’s no classic sit-com, especially for an unmarried 30-year-old dude like me to watch, but what I can happily admit is that Jason Alexander is nothing if not a journeyman actor. Maybe it’s because I’d just read Queenan’s description of the “trouper” the night before (wherein Joe describes his affection for Barry Manilow), but I’m willing to give Alexander a lot of wiggle room in his new sitcom. Sure he’s done theatre and movies, but he’s a sit-com guy and what a trouper he is for jumping right back in when he’s probably assured a pounding from critics.