I spent the weekend working on recording stuff. Steph came over to the studio on Saturday and we tried to lay down her drums to my scratch tracks (click, guitar, vox), but it wasn’t her cup of tea. We talked about doing the songs live. She’s a loud drummer though and my songs aren’t really loud–at least not this batch.

So Sunday, I went to the studio and laid down some more demos. Instead of setting up a mic and doing the guitar and then doing a separate take for a nice vocal, I just sat behind the drums, turned the overheads on and recorded myself playing guitar and singing along. The result was really fresh. Much roomier and alive sounding than other demos I’ve done.

So Monday, I played Todd K one of the tracks and we discussed how to get a good sound for my songs. Todd agreed that recording to click-track probably isn’t the best for my songs. Basically, we’re back to square one. Sort of. We’re going to do a couple of passes on a song with him trying sticks or brushes. Then I’ll record guitar and vox just as I did Sunday with only the overheads on me to get the room sound. We’ll see what happens.