Drug Tested

This morning I went to get drug-tested for a job I probably won’t end up accepting, but I figured: what the hell, I’ve never had to do this; I wonder what’s involved. Nothing much, it turns out. After making me wait (I guess so the pee would accumulate in my bladder), they found a male nurse to take me back to a room (a rest room). He had me sign and initial a bunch of stuff, then empty my pockets into a locker. Then he showed me to a restroom and told me to fill the cup to a certain line and then do not flush or use the sink. The toilet was filled with a blue liquid — why? So I filled the cup with nice clear (I drink a lot of water) pee and left it in the restroom. The guy collected it, filled two vials with it and sealed them with two of the things I initialed. Then he told me I could wash my hands but not in the restroom — around the corner. He told me that the faucet in the restroom was cut off. So why’d he tell me not to run the water? I couldn’t, evidently. Weird.