Well, I saw the Pixies last night at the Ryman auditorium – the mother church of country music. It was a fantastic show – just like a rock band should be. They hit one song after another with little delay or even introduction. They seemed so freaking pleased to be playing, it was great. They didn’t leave the stage and return for an encore but simply put their instruments down and joined each other at the front of the stage while the crowd applauded. Beautiful. Their music is so wonderful – so imaginative, catchy and rocking simultaneously. They could have played any song from any record and it would have been great. Their set meandered over their catalog but sounded completely homogenous. Really, really a fantastic show.

I’ve been listening to The Futureheads a lot over the past couple of days. They’re effing brilliant. Only problem is, I can’t take them for too long. They’re very, uh, clangy and listening to so many shifts and dynamics and bright, bright guitars is a herald of headaches to come. But for four songs, they’re the best band in the world. So many weird clashes of melody and riff and such straight vocal harmonies in the midst of such chaos. Also, their songs aren’t really about anything real and that’s a relief. Much like the Pixies.

TV: It’s not like I’m glued to the set every night. We don’t have cable so taping shows and watching them later is the only way to go. Monday night’s tape takes me days to go through. I only skip Raymond. The new show with George Costanza and Theo Huxtable in it is growing on me. I retract what I wrote earlier — the wife is a babe, just not the totally jumpable kind. Hey, but that’s good.

I’m not sure what to think of the new guy on CSI:Miami. But I’m sure that Calleigh needs to send her father to prison or something — that dude is an accident waiting to happen. So drunk he didn’t remember getting carjacked?

Amber thought Joey was actually funny when she watched it for the first time. So there’s your independent analysis. I can watch it, but I haven’t really laughed much. I laugh tremendously at Grounded for Life and Two and a Half Men, though. Well, maybe “tremendously” isn’t accurate but I’m grading on a curve.