DDT keeps me happy

So I finished Dee Dee’s Lobotomy last night. In summary, it’s a book by a junkie. So it isn’t any good. As a psychological profile of Dee Dee, it may be fantastic, but that doesn’t make it good reading.

It especially fails as a biography of the Ramones. The narrative rambles and jumps from past to present tense and rarely includes details or specifics (probably Dee Dee couldn’t remember them). Often, huge spans of time are just left out. I told a friend last night: if you took out all the sentences that went “then I went to cop some dope,” the book would be half as long. There are virtually no concrete details about Dee Dee’s time in the Ramones (or anything else). He wants to paint this as being pushed away, that even in the Ramones he wasn’t accepted. But, though parts of this may be true, Dee Dee was a junkie and after a while, it’s evident that he’s just trying to manipulate the story to elicit some sympathy.

The tragic unwritten epilogue is, of course, that Dee Dee died of a heroin overdose in 2002. I suspect those who read the book before his death wouldn’t have been shocked at all.