My aching head

Yesterday, my media intake and output was slight, owing to a “full day at the office.” I wish that were a euphemism for something seedy, but it just means that I spent nearly twice the usual time on my temp job. I went home after work; my girlfriend was sick. I went to the Post Office, grocery store and drug store, then back home. Then I went to Todd K’s house for the pong. We ate some ass-tastic pizza before doing battle — battle which was severely handicapped by the ass-tastic pizza. NB: the “tomatoes” on a Roma pizza don’t taste like tomatoes on pizza should.

The pong went well again. Todd won one match; I won one and then I won a championship match that went to three games. It was pretty damn good.

I left Todd’s at almost a quarter to 11 and raced downtown to see Slack at the Exit/In. Despite my fears that they might have hustled to get the show rocking and I might have missed them, I arrived in time to see a few songs by The Privates — a band I’ve now seen several times and still have no idea how any of their songs go. Slack played their first show with Ben in more than three months and it was great. You’d never have known he’s been practically bed-ridden since September. I hope he felt well.

An hour and two Budweisers later and I left to go back home. Now I’m at work with a headache from lack of sleep and allergies. Also, I don’t think I’m rid of the pizza yet and it’s causing trouble… If my ass holds, we may have more pong tonight.