New fun

So this is the first entry I’m making from my new laptop in my apartment. (Previously, I had no internet connection in the apartment and only an old laptop to write on. The new laptop has a wireless card and I can sponge off my landlord downstairs. Cheers, Mr Furley.)

Media intake has been limited since I’ve been otherwise engaged.

My friends Todd and Amy gave me a thanks-for-feeding-our-cats present of the Second Series of The Office and the book FDR’s Folly (so I’ll check those off the old wishlist). The Office, I dove right into watching 3 episodes of the 6 on Sunday. Good Jesus, it’s even harder to watch than the first series. I was telling Amy it’s the kind of show that when you laugh, you’re not laughing at a joke, you’re laughing AT someone. And the laughter is always a surprise. Like “OH MY GOD!” Just an exclamation of laughter.

The book I’m really looking forward to, but I’m going to have to put it on the back burner for a while. After Sedaris’s new one, I’m planning on gorging myself on some sordid Hollywood tales. Amber and I hit the bookstore on Friday night and I stumbled across The Devil’s Candy which looks awesome. I’d also like to read Roger Simon’s Director’s Cut and a couple more. Also, my dad whipped through Crichton’s latest and passed it to me to read. That will have to wait as well.

Meanwhile, the stack of albums on my stereo grows. Will I ever review even one of them?