…say number 13

I always get the impression that I’m blogging every day then I check in and realize a week’s gone by. Here’s the run-down:

Being Good got its Blogcritics review over the weekend. Hits received from Blogcritics.org: zero. Wow. Does that say something about me, the reviewer or the non-influence of Blogcritics? I have my suspicions. I could probably say quite a bit about the review, but why? I will add only this note to the commenter: why is it when a writer self-publishes, it’s “vanity publishing,” but when a band puts out its own CD it’s DIY entrepreneurship?

Weekend: spent most of Friday night in a bar where there was no band playing. That’s definitely out of the ordinary. And though the company was great, my ass really hurt at the end of the night. Saturday, I went down to the De Novo Dahl show at the Exit/In. There was a line around the block and I had arrived at 10. So as I circled, I called Atom since I was going to be meeting him. He and Josh and their friends had seen the same line and gone over to Ken’s Karaoke. Having never been in a karaoke bar, I went over and watched them perform. At 11.45 or so we hit the DND show. It was still packed. Unbelievable.

Talked to the Slacks a couple of times over the weekend. The first to run by them the idea of renaming the ‘zine. The second because Ben had to tell me the story of their totally effed up evening. It involved drunk girls, estranged husbands, a naked man, 3 boa constrictors and a gimp squirrel. Wild.

Dress Your Family: I’ve slowed down on my book consumption. Does the new laptop with internet connection having anything to do with it? Jeez, I wonder. Still enjoying it, but it’s taken some weird turns. My impression is that Sedaris has really honed his story-telling ability and he can milk weird little incidents into effective stories. It benefits the longer stories too. Helps make the longer stories move quickly and feel short but meaty. The guy is good. I need to finish it up.

The Office. Last, maybe Wednesday? Thursday?, I finished Episode 5 of Series 2 and decided not to watch the finale until we could watch everything with Todd and Amy. Then Saturday, I woke up early and decided “Fuck it.” So I watched the finale. Huh. Well, it didn’t really scratch the itches that it caused. Further comment would be a huge spoiler.

Pop music: I really dig the new Geri Halliwell song, “Ride It.” On the way to the show the other night, I was blaring “No Good Time” off the new Graham Coxon album. It rules. The line “gonna do some coke ‘n’ maybe do some pokin” is genius. I have discovered that I have never gotten tired of Atomic Kitten’s “Turn Me On.” That is fucking disco.

Watched most of the Ramones Raw DVD last night. There’s a chapter on Dee Dee called “Dee Dee is a punk rapper” where they cover his departure from the band. It’s a pretty smart segment. In the guise of letting Dee Dee tell the story himself, they use footage from an interview Dee Dee gave MTV. But the clip is preceded and followed by footage from Dee Dee’s video for “Funky Guy.” It is – and I don’t think I’m exaggerating – possibly the worst “song” by an established musician ever. So, cleverly, the filmakers have let Dee Dee make an ass out of himself without injecting any editorial from other members of the band.

I’m pretty sure we may be changing the name of the ‘zine this week. I’m still hesitant to pull the trigger on that decision. But we’ve got a good name cooked up and I bought the URL this weekend. If I do decide to change, I’ll have to get some server space and begin the always awesome process of transferring a site. Sweet.