Ahh, yes

I remembered what I’d wanted to blog on the other day: TV shows that need to be released on DVD.

Third Rock from the Sun – This may have been the funniest television show, uh, in history. I never got into it until it was on its way out and I’m incredibly bummed that our local stations stopped showing the syndicated episodes.

Fastlane – Fastlane had such a huge budget that they couldn’t get picked up for a second season. Plus, it never quite became popular. But with all the over-the-top action, ridiculous slow-motion and hot women, they could really make it great on DVD. Surround sound, widescreen. Plus, they ought to shoot one last episode to tie up the loose ends left hanging at the end of the season.

The Mind of the Married Man – I can’t remember if this used to lead into Curb Your Enthusiasm or follow it but either way, it was such a perfect pairing. Both were hilarious shots of modern discomfort. TMOTMM was almost too real. Like Fastlane, the show disappeared and left us hanging.

The Casino – This little-watched reality show on Fox last summer was awesome. It followed two entrepreneurs as they re-opened the Golden Nugget and tried to restore it to its Rat Pack heyday.

Also, when are studios going to break the dumb habit of only releasing one season of a show per year. I’ve never been a big fan of Charmed, but lately, I’ve been getting into the reruns, at least of the Rose McGowan seasons. Do I have to wait for four years while they release the Shannon Doherty seasons before I even consider buying one? I don’t think I will be as horny for Rose McGowan by that time.