Be Your Own Pet, “Damn Damn Leash” Single (Infinity Cat)

be-your-own-pet-damn-damn-leashThere’s been a lot of talk about this band by their peers in the Nashville indie scene. Be Your Own Pet are very young (high school), haven’t played many shows and are seemingly connected so they’re getting fawned over a la The Strokes, Kings of Leon and countless others who seemingly haven’t “paid their dues.” I’ll give you my opinion on it: I really don’t care.

“Damn Damn Leash” is a rocking slice of garage punk. The guitars are spikey. The rhythm section is tight. The song moves from one hooky riff to another without wasting any time and frontwoman Jemina Abegg spits out the lyrics with the right amount of bile and seduction.

The b-side “Electric Shake” is too long for their skittish energy. Though it’s played well and erupts just enough to keep its chorus exciting, it lacks the immediate hooks of the a-side and its lyrical repetition of “fucker” and “whores” sounds a little juvenile (to be expected given their youth).

Whether the Nashville indie rock scene likes it or not, Be Your Own Pet is good. They could have been grown in a test tube for all I care. Few bands get to make an opening statement as punchy as “Damn Damn Leash.” Let’s just hope they don’t combust before they follow up on this killer debut.