I don’t care

Just got some really, really effed up news. It’s not mine to share, but of the “wow the music industry is nuts variety.” One of those weird items that fits into a recent narrative of definitions of success. It’s difficult to stay comfortable in the DIY, lo-fi lifestyle when some people around you spontaneously (seemingly) experience wild success.

Anyway, watched Dig! over the weekend and needless to say, that movie fit in with the theme of success. I’m working on my review for Popshot.

I’m in the thick of Be Cool. I like the way it moves along and keeps me wanting to know what’s going to happen. I suppose a lot of mystery/suspense/action fiction does that, but I guess when I’ve read other title in the genre, I have been left cold by some of the details that clutter up the story. That said, I don’t read a lot of fiction like that, so I don’t have too much to judge it by.

I have been picking up The Kid Stays in the Picture intermittently. Evans gives so much in his anecdotes that it’s difficult to pick one theme to discuss. So I won’t. But, man, did that guy get a lot of pussy.

I have oodles of emails to take care of and I’m going to try to move some old weblog entries over here, so off I go. There’s a new CSI:Miami on tonight. I’ll try to get psyched about it but frankly, I’m still stunned from the news I got.