I don’t wanna walk around with you

I watched End of the Century last night. I tried weakly to resist but once I popped the DVD in, there was really no escaping it. Unfortunately, I watched it in sections: a little before dinner, a little during dinner, and the rest later on. I loved it in a way that I can’t really write about.

I made plans a couple of weeks ago to watch the film with some friends but while out at Best Buy yesterday, I saw they had the DVD for $11.99 so I bought it. Doesn’t mean I can’t watch it again with some Ramones fans.

I’m almost done with The Kid. It’s turned into a really interesting story–one with a suspenseful ending. Will he triumph? Fail? Much better reading than Eszterhas’s memoir. Less bitter.

The bingeing on Hollywood tales will continue. I just ordered two books about Roger Corman to add to the long reading list. Maybe having such a list along with the other projects I’m working on will help me organize my time. Wake up, work, write, read, eat, write, read, eat, write, read, sleep. Or something like that. I just won’t have any choice but to do that.