I got me so down I got me a headache

I went over to Todd’s last night to play ping pong. We never got around to it. He and Ryan were out on the front porch smoking and drinking and shooting the shit when I arrived. A couple of beers later and we went inside to listen to records and continue to shoot the shit. We have agreed that there is a “vaguely positive” contingent of Nashville indie rock that may or may not worship Jesus. We also agreed that we never want to get one of those eye growths that Todd got and that Law & Order: Criminal Intent sucks. There was some disharmony on the topics of the cowgirl position, CSI, and the merits of one octave Moogs. But we will respect the others’ opinions.

I’ll tell you one thing I know for certain: I don’t like the Natural Light. I’ve known it for years, but last night was probably the first time that I’ve felt kinda sick after only a tall boy. (Granted it was chasing a Red Hook IPA which is bad form to begin with…)

I got home too late too watch any prime-time TV and we forgot to put a tape in or program the VCR (us non-Tivo-having people). So I watched a DVD of The King of Queens while I ate my Pizza Hut breadsticks. I am suffering from a headache this morning and I seem to be having trouble typing. This isn’t so much a consequence of having a couple of beers but of not eating a proper dinner and getting my usual 6-6.5 hours of sleep. 7 hours and I’d have been fine. Probably.

I don’t think I mentioned that I’d dug out the Lemonheads’ It’s a Shame About Ray last weekend. Wow, is that ever the perfect college dormroom record. It just sounds like college. I’d also been listening to David Lee Roth’s Skyscraper quite a bit last week. I took the Lemonheads in the car with me one day this week and discovered that I’d enjoyed DLR more. Though both have worn out their welcome by now. The DLR record literally sounds like bubblegum: pink and sugary.