In like a white fluffy lamb

So, it’s March 1st. I awoke to sunny skies and clear weather and the announcement that schools were closed for snow. Since there was no snow on the ground or the streets, I was a bit puzzled. But that’s just how we do things in Middle Tennessee. There’s a few flakes blowing outside now, but not enough to be concerned about.

I had a very pleasant birthday weekend. Friday, Amber and I went out to a dinner to a Japanese restaurant in Brentwood that Todd K recommended. It was nice but we weren’t blown away. We’ll probably go back just for a change of pace. Amber gave me a bunch of cool gifts including the first season of Arrested Development. I’m not one of those crazy fans of the show, but I think it’s pretty funny and it’s definitely better to watch on DVD than in prime time. It moves along a lot better. We watched several episodes that night.

Saturday night, we went down to RCKTWN for the first time to catch our friends in The Carter Administration and Feable Weiner. RCKTWN is an all-ages venue that — if I were 15 — I would probably like (even though it reeks of youth group) enough to hang out in every weekend. They’ve got TVs everywhere, big comfy couches, a coffee and snack bar with hilarious food (pizza and cereal!), and a couple of rooms for shows. The main room, where the show was, is huge — like a warehouse. The sound, predictably, was shit.

We were happy to see our friends, though I didn’t think the venue was as packed as it should have been. There were four bands on the bill. The middle two didn’t really do it for me and they were so unbelievably loud that it really killed the experience. We sat through the first few songs of each band and then wandered around the “complex” while they finished.

Feable Weiner had a few bumps, mostly due to sound problems, but their new bass player did great and their new songs are cool and I have every confidence that they’ll smooth out the bumps. With no alcohol in us, we were a little wired when we got home. I think we watched more Arrested Development.

Sunday, we went to my parents’ for a midday dinner that was delicious. I received more kick-ass gifts from my parents and my brother. Later, after Amber left for work and my mom went to school, dad and I watched Die Another Day. He’d just moved his surround sound speakers into better locations and I brought the DVD over to put the system through its paces. It really makes my tv look like a piece of crap.

Over the weekend I started reading Elmore Leonard’s Be Cool — the sequel to Get Shorty and a soon-to-be-released film. Leonard’s style is really interesting. Having only read Mr. Paradise by him, I wasn’t sure if the style was peculiar to that novel or all of them. But I get the style more now. I’m not far enough into the novel that I can say that I like it or not, but I want to see what happens next and isn’t that a good indicator?

I sent off a couple of copies to Being Good to readers yesterday. I’m interested to see the outcome of those. In the meantime, I’ve been taking my friend Atom’s advice and am using mySpace to promote the novel. This has been educational.