The Office

Well, we’re ten minutes into the American version of The Office and I can tell you: it blows. I doubt it makes it to the summer. As suspected, they’ve removed a lot of the darkness and discomfort from the original. And, true to American form, they’re absolutely petrified of putting an unattractive person on television. Part of the charm of the British version was the total normalcy of everyone’s looks. There’s just no chemistry here.

It sucks. I’ve turned it off. They’re working from the same scripts as the British version so if you’re a fan of that show (or even if you’ve just seen it), you won’t like the American version because you’ll know where it’s headed. For Christ’s sake even the receptionist’s “burly” boyfriend looks like a model.

(LATER) When my girlfriend got home, we watched the tape and she laughed a lot. But I think she was just in a giddy mood.