Vaguely neutral

I attended a Vaguely Positive show at the Sutler on Saturday night: rich Creamy Paint and Friends. The music was really enjoyable. Rich Creamy Paint were the most energetic I’ve seen them. I like their new drummer. And all the Friends were good too. The Foxymorons kicked it up a notch for the live show and made even some of the slower songs rock. Harper made their live debut and it was really solid. And everyone played short sets which really endeared them to me.

The show was a release party for a CD called Rich Creamy Paint and Friends that features two tracks from each band involved and a group effort called “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” that they performed at the end of the evening. It was the best “and friends” performance that I’ve ever seen. Usually when bands invite a friend or two onstage for a song, it’s time to go to the restroom, but they invited five friends up and pulled it off.

The whole thing was vaguely positive.

I had a semi-long conversation with my friend Tracy at the show about Being Good. It was definitely positive. She really liked the book and said good things about it and asked questions I liked. I’m always a little nervous discussing it, especially with other writers, but it was good to hear good things. Especially since I’ve heard vaguely negative things from a couple of people. Tracy pretty much flatly contradicted those negative things. And it’s always nice to hear your worldview confirmed.