You’ve been served

So it’s always fun when your web host totally screws up your entire website and you get to spend several days fixing it and moving to a new server and learning all their quirks. I’m back on Modwest where Popshot started and I am cautiously optimistic. I think the only reason I started moving was for better pricing and extras. After several moves, I’d like to settle for a while.

Besides that, I’ve been busy. I’m busy now in fact and don’t have time for a complete review of things I’ve seen and heard.

I’m really enjoying a new band called Yes Dear. They formed from the wreckage of Ozma and Arlo. I really liked Ozma but never heard Arlo. I may check them out just because I like Yes Dear so much.

I finished Be Cool over the weekend. Ehh. I’d like to coin Anderson’s Law that operates similarly to Godwin’s Law, but on the subject of rock music. It is: whenever someone mentions the Red Hot Chili Peppers, he loses all credibility. Mentioning them in a novel is like having your fiction aspire to be a children’s cartoon. Also, when writing about musicians and rock music, writing lyrics to imaginary songs blows. As you can guess, the novel got a little hard to take.

I still wonder who the hell Uma Thurman plays in the movie version. It must be the studio executive, but the book begins with Linda Moon playing such a huge role that when Chili goes for another woman, it feels weird. Then Linda turns into a turd in the course of what, two or three weeks? As pulp, it kept me reading, but I didn’t enjoy it like Mr. Paradise.

I’ve been plowing through The Kid Stays in the Picture. Man, it’s long. I just bought a copy of The Devil’s Candy through and I’m ready to read it as soon as I finish Evans’ bio.

Whew. Watched The Hunt For Red October over the weekend. Man, is that a good movie. So many good characters. Smartly done. Great dialogue.

Okay, back to the work that pays for a while.