The Clutters, T&C

the-clutters-t-cThe Clutters, T&C (Chicken Ranch Records)

The Clutters are one of our favorite bands and their new album, T&C, out tomorrow on Chicken Ranch Records should make them one of yours as well. The easiest reference point for their sound is the recent garage rock revival but they really transcend that tag. Essentially, they’ve got everything a good rock band should: gritty, twangy guitars; merciless drums; a big full bass; vocals that scream and shout but don’t annoy; and a little Farfisa keyboard to sweeten the sound.

T&C really takes the listener on a tour through their rough sound. “Crack Your Heart‿ opens the record with a nod to their garage rock roots. It’s a slow burner that probably wouldn’t have fit anywhere else in the running order. The next five songs tear your head off with nasty guitar chords and super-fun choruses.

The second half of the record finds the Clutters stretching out a bit. Dance beats and syncopated guitar riffs give them a little more sophistication even when singer Doug Lehmann is screaming like Black Francis. “When Worlds Divide‿ comes second to last and shows off their comfort with longer arrangements, co-ed vocals and actual gear-shifting dynamics. “Busted Dreams/Broken Heart‿ ends the record back in the garage where they started. All is right with the world.