Typical me, typical me, typical me…

I had kind of a rock n roll weekend last week. Friday, went to the Basement to see Harper. First time I’d been to the Basement. Nice place. Harper rocked. Way too fucking loud.

Saturday, I went to the Media Play in Antioch to meet Marky Ramone. That went badly. I gushed like a little schoolgirl. Oh well. Gave Marky a copy of Being Good. I should have just told him I was a big fan and wanted him to have the book because of the shout-out I give the Ramones in my “About the Author” section, but no, I had to garble a whole bunch of nonsense.

Met Chris, Tracy and Marie at Media Play for the Marky meet & greet. I think Chris felt the same way about the meeting. He made a comment later about how little time we had to say anything to Marky.

Saturday night, went out to the 5 Spot to see the WRVU/WMTS benefit. Missed Imagine Asians whom I wanted to see. Instead caught Lylas and The Emery Reel whom I could have done without. Listened to about 5 minutes of The Mattoid before I stepped outside. Stepped back in for the Carter Admin. Sadly, the entire crowd left when the Mattoid was done. The Carters played well enough to “their crowd”–the ten people who always see them. Typically, Todd K later told me he thought it went terribly. Must be so difficult to maintain standards and be in a rock band. This is why most bands just play so drunk they don’t know how well it went.

Sunday, went to Brian’s to watch End of the Century with a bunch of people.

I’ve been distracted all week with a new web project that may become an official Popshot project. We’ll see.