You’ve been tearing out your hair and I’ve been drinking..

I went down to the big Pink Spiders show last night at the Exit/In. They just inked a deal with Geffen–the kind of eat-your-heart out-Nashville deal that is beyond crazy. (At least according to my sources.) I’d guess that most people think big money deals for rock bands are de rigeur, but it’s quite the opposite. Most bands on major labels just get modest deals. In fact, most who’ve been through the major label wringer will tell you they got ripped off. One word: “recoupable.” You’re in the red before you even start recording.

Anyway, I went down to the show and drove around for about 20 minutes looking for parking. Elliston Place was just gagging with people. Free shows, huh? I got inside the club just as Hail to the Keith was walking off stage. After twenty minutes or so of loading and sound-checking, Be Your Own Pet played. Those kids are adorable.

Then I chatted with some friends and bailed before the next band. So I missed the Pink Spiders entirely. In a perfect world, I’d have stayed but I haven’t been sleeping enough and I had to make it to the temp job at a slightly reasonable hour.

Speaking of adorable and temp jobs, there is a woman around the corner from me with an incredibly cute English accent. I think she’s an auditor or something. Not, anyway, a regular employee of the company. I will not, at this time, go off on a tangent about English accents.

After a couple of days of brilliant weather, it’s turned grey and rainy in Nashville and the temperature dropped about 25 degrees. That may make it easier to nap this afternoon. I feel like I’ve got to catch up on sleep. Tonight my friends Slack play the Exit/In with the Features and it looks like it’s going to be one of those packed houses.

My friend Stephen Green just gave me and Being Good an amazing shout-out and I thank him humbly for it. I’ve been an admirer of his writing for years and to have him praise my writing makes my heart go flippity-flap. Thank you, Steve.